About Demoliciones Submarinas

We are a team integrated by technical divers and professional managers with business experience in many activity sectors. Such combination is what makes the difference, along with our technical equipment and fleet, that is the reason why we are supplying our services to the main stakeholders in construction, maritime and underwater area all over Spain. That is also what impulses us to foreign markets with our strategic partners.

We have everything necessary in order to offer solutions instead of problems, that means, capabilities and management attitudes regarding the treat with you and your company in order to be able to develop together any project, despite it’s size, location or complexity.

Our project portfolio will transmit in a better way how we can turn this headlines in value to our clients.


Convert the underwater projects and maritime works of our clients in reality in the agreed terms and deadlines, because we know that if we do not comply with our clients, they will not do it with theirs either.


To contribute to higher levels of development, sustainability, sanitation and health of the population of the countries where work is carried out, contributing our experience and knowledge in the construction of underwater outfalls, R & D and renewable energy projects.