Submarine Inspections (IWS) in surface supply with CCTV and communications:

Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD), or In Water Survey (IWS), is required to ensure the operational and structural functionality and integrity of a ship or marine asset in general terms, throughout its operational life span.

Demoliciones Submarinas as a professional diving company is accredited by several international companies IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) such as RINA for the realization of inspections of Class IWS (In Water Survey), which allows in certain actions the substitution of drydocking by an accredited underwater inspection.

So this is a method of surveying the underwater parts of a ship and its eventual damage while it is still afloat instead of having to dry-dock it for examination of these main areas as was conventionally done, with the consequent cost savings that this entails for the shipowner.
Carrying out these kind of surveys with divers, while on location, saves the ship owner and their clients both time and money by reducing downtime, limiting time off-contract, and reducing or eliminating the need for expensive and limited dry-docking.

Kind of services:

  • Class inspections according to strict protocol
    with video delivery and technical report
  • Filming, photography, damage assessment
    Measurements of deviations
  • Non-destructive tests (NDT)
  • Rudder Pintle clearance readings
  • Tail shaft deviations measurement
  • Propellers, sea chests, stabilizers, balance keels, thrusters, etc.
  • Thickness measurement
  • Stranding control
  • Other services such as polishing of propellers, cleaning of bottom intakes, repairs, welding, etc.