We provide maintenance services for underwater outfalls, dams, docks, ports, stations, ships and any system that requires underwater maintenance. The sea is aggressive and everything that is in its domain, suffers deterioration and wear. We inspect, repair and maintain. With divers, with ROV, and other means.

Projects carried out by Demoliciones Submarinas:



Solvay Chemistry Outfall Suances, Cantabria
Castro Urdiales Outfall Castro Urdiales, Cantabria
Santander Outfall Santoña, Cantabria
Water intake, Mareógrafo of Santander Santander, Cantabria
Port maintenance Santander, Cantabria
Pond of Seals of the Palace of the Magdalena Santander, Cantabria
Chiqui Outfall Santander, Cantabria
Water Intakes of the Maritime Museum of Cantabrico Santander, Cantabria
Arbon Dam Navia, Asturias
Doiras Dam Doiras, Asturias
Dynasol gas loading dock Ribamontán, Cantabria
Berria Outfall Hydrographic Confederation of the North Santoña, Cantabria
Topography in a storm tank, Santander Port Santander, Cantabria
Dry dock damper seat cleaning Gamazo, Santander