Any metallic structure exposed to the sea suffers corrosion and deterioration. Moving and placing boats, submerged structures, pipes and other elements, dry for inspection, involves COSTS.

The realization of non-destructive tests on-site therefore means a cost saving generally of importance and, sometimes, a need established by inspection bodies or regulators.

Collaborating with companies such the size of APPLUS in the realization of some of these works is a guarantee of quality.

Types of not destructive submarine tests:

  • Thickness measurement with ultrasounds
  • Visual and ROV control
  • Professional quality video inspection and lighting equipment
  • CCTV Inspections

Our technicians-divers have made the following works:

  • Thickness measurement in ship hulls.
  • Visual inspections, with CCTV and filming in:
    – Outfalls and pipelines in general
    – Hydroelectric power plants
    – Thermal power stations
    – Solar thermal power plants
    – Nuclear power plants
    – Pump wells
    – Boats afloat