Repairs of ports, ramps, docks, docks, port maintenance, marine, any task related to seaports and industrial diving. As professional divers, we have carried out a large number of works to improve, expand, inspect or repair port infrastructures.

Projects carried out by Demoliciones Submarinas:




Inspection and dredging of the Global
Steel Wire dock
Santander 2018
RORO Ramp repair Albareda Dock – Port Authority Santander 2018
Video inspection with CCTV of pillars of Raos and Maura Santander 2017 – 2018
Fishing dock San Vicente 2015 – 2016
Dead mooring and maintenance of buoys Laredo y Santoña 2015
Raos Harbour #1 – DRACE Santander 2015 – 2016
Ondarroa Harbour Rekalde Ondarroa, Bizkaia 2013 – 2014
Txorrokopunta Pier Rekalde Mundaka, Bizkaia 2013
Santander Marina Camargo, Cantabria 2012
Trail And Cycling Path Over Requejada River – SIEC Suances, Cantabria 2011
Comillas Harbour Ramp – SIEC Comillas, Cantabria 2011
Dredging works at ASTANDER shipyard ramp OyD ALDAMIZ Astillero 2011
Probing works of the seabed at Albareda, Almirante y Maliaño docks – ICINSA Santander, Cantabria 2011 – 2012
Cantabriasil Bulk Ramp – FCC Santander, Cantabria 2009
Raos#8 Ro-Ro Ramp – FCC Santander, Cantabria 2009
Raos Harbour Lowering Bridge – FCC Santander, Cantabria 2008 – 2009
Cementos Alfa Loading Terminal – FCC Santander, Cantabria 2007 – 2008
Musel Harbour Enlargement –
Asturias 2007
Molnedo Inlet North Doc – Santander Port Authority Santander, Cantabria 2005
Ro-Ro Ramp Dock Of Molnedo – CORSAN Santander, Cantabria 2004
Laredo North Dock – ARRUTI Laredo, Cantabria 1999 – 2000