Professional Diving Services Demoliciones Submarinas

Check the list of underwater services and diving work we provide. From outfalls, ports or R&D projects, to underwater inspections, underwater archeology and special blasting projects. If you do not find what you are looking for, ask us.

As our own name says, one of our specialties is the underwater technical demolition, mainly with the following means:

  • Explosives
  • Explosives and other non-explosive methods
  • Cut with diamond wire
  • Hydraulic systems.

It could be our main experience in maritime work, both in its construction and in technical assistance to construction management.


  • Blasting Projects
  • Technical Assistance
  • Underwater and Land Drilling
  • Blastings
  • Sand, Clay, Mud and Rock Dredging
  • Underwater Flanging Of Pipes
  • Underwater Colocation Of Rock Protection
  • Underwater Colocation Of Net-Protection Devices
  • Underwater Concrete Pumping
  • Catodic Protections
  • Underwater Cutting And Welding
  • Bottom Studies By Sonar
  • Manteinances
  • Leak sealing
  • Cutting and welding
  • Transport



  • Pvc – Steel – Frpv – PEHD – Concrete

Check the projects related to Outfalls that we have made in recent years.

As professional divers, we have carried out a large number of works to improve, expand, inspect or repair port infrastructures.


  • Blasting Projects And Technical Assistance
  • Underwater And Land Drilling And Blasting
  • Dredging Of All Kinds Of Materials
  • Seabed Levelling
  • Underwater Concrete Pumping
  • Concrete Blocks Instalation
  • Instalation Of Mulberries
  • Placement of acropods
  • Placement of blocks
  • Caisson Anchoring

Check the projects related to Ports that we have made in recent years.

Hydroelectric, combined cycle, nuclear power plants … we know them and we know what are the repair elements, necessary maintenance services, etc.


  • Turbine Trashracks Substitution
  • Underwater Pile Cutting And Welding
  • Trashrack Cleaning
  • Gate Mounting
  • Gate Rising
  • Shield Mounting
  • Dam Dredging
  • Reel Guides Cleaning
  • Measure Control Of Sealants
  • Bulkhead Gates Mounting
  • Gate Guides Substitution
  • Bulkhead Gates Extraction

Check the projects related to Dams and Hydroelectrical Power Plants that we have made in recent years.

The sea is aggressive and everything that is in its domain, suffers deterioration and wear. We inspect, repair and maintain. With divers, with ROV, and other means.


  • Outfalls
  • Ports
  • Reservoirs and hydroelectric plants
  • Fish farms
  • Artificial ponds


  • Video inspections
  • Substitution of sacrificial anodes
  • Dredging
  • Leak sealing
  • Cleaning
  • Replacing Buoys
  • Cutting and welding
  • Superficial treatments

Check the projects related to Maintenances that we have made in recent years.

Our experience in maritime and submarine work, and our technical training, offers a differentiation to the engineering with which we collaborate.


  • ideo and Cctv Surveillance
  • Measuring Procedures
  • NDT Trials (Non Destructive)
  • Topography
    – Bathymetries (Echosounder)
    – Sonar Side Sweep


Check the projects related to Technical Assistance that we have made in recent years.

Development of renewable/clean energy projects, where investigation and sustainable development, are a common element, Demoliciones Submarinas is present to execute the project in its final phase, where the implementation is critical for the success of the project.


We are active members of the Sea of ​​Innovation Clantabria Cluster (SICC), a group of Cantabria companies specialized in offshore renewable energy.

ARKEOLOGIKS is our specialized unit in underwater archaeological works with strictly professional archaeologists authorized and experts in this field.


  • Underwater archaeological surveys
  • Tracking and other hydraulic and maritime projects
  • Training reports
  • Evaluations of environmental impact and technical assistance for processing.

Consulta los proyectos relacionados con Arkeologiks que hemos realizado en los últimos años.

Collaborating with companies such the size of APPLUS in the realization of some of these works is a guarantee of quality.

Types of not destructive submarine tests:

  • Thickness measurement with ultrasounds
  • Visual and ROV control
  • Professional quality video inspection and lighting equipment
  • CCTV Inspections

Our technicians-divers have made the following works:

  • Thickness measurement in ship hulls.
  • Visual inspections, with CCTV and filming in:

– Outfalls and pipelines in general
– Hydroelectric power plants
– Thermal power stations
– Solar thermal power plants
– Nuclear power plants
– Pump wells
– Boats afloat

Check more info related to Singular projects