Development of renewable/clean energy projects, where investigation and sustainable development, are a common element, Demoliciones Submarinas is present to execute the project in its final phase, where the implementation is critical for the success of the project.

We are active members of the Sea of ​​Innovation Clantabria Cluster (SICC), a group of Cantabria companies specialized in offshore renewable energy.

Outstanding works




Incorporation to the cluster Sea of Innovation Cantabria Santander 2019
Underwater inspections with ROV in Biscay Marine Energy
Platform at heights of up to 100m
Santander 2017 – In progress
Wavescan installation in BIMEP – Tecnalia Armintza 2017
Project for the installation, expansion and maintenance of
underwater cellar Crusoe Treasure
Plentzia / Euskadi 2016 – In progress
Recovery and maintenance projects at the BIMEP
(Biscay Marine Energy Platform) – Offshore Armintza
Armintza, Euskadi 2015 – In progress
Collaboration with the Institute of Hydraulics of Cantabria in
MUSCLE-Beach project of ADCP devices
Armintza, Euskadi 2017 – 2018
Location, rescue and refloating of aircraft Plentzia / Euskadi 2015
Refloatment of Gamazo´s drydock lock-gate, Degima Gamazo dock, Santander 2013 – 2014
Launching,anchoring, installation and maintenance of experimental eolic generation buoys –
Apia XXI – Helium Cantabria Institute of Hydraulics
and University of Cantabria
Virgen del Mar, Cantabria / Suances, Cantabria 2009 – 2011
2010 – 2011
Performing launching, anchoring and maintenance buoy wave
power generator. Iberdrola – Ocean Power Technologies.
Santoña, Cantabria 2007 – 2008